Monday, 5 March 2012


I've been on the sertraline for a fair while and it's doing an alright job. No (notable) improvements on the weight issues but my mood has been mostly consistent. I have my down patches like I always do and I managed to go a good 3-4 months without cutting.

Speaking of the cutting, I recently had to go to the doctor about my left arm/hand. I'm having pain and difficulty with co-ordination which apparently is down to the large amount of scarring and cutting causing nerve damage. As far as I know, this is something that I will likely have to cope with for a long time; but it's something I brought on myself. I knew damn well when I was younger and started all this that it would affect me in the long term. All the overdosing, the cutting and the starving (another culprit I blame for my current weight gain and crappy metabolism) would lead to issues that I would have to deal with.

It was never a problem though; I was never intending to make it past 30.
9 years to go I suppose.